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You’d think that as someone who writes regularly about personal finance, I’d be on top of money management 24/7. Ha! I wish. We all make money mistakes, and I’m no different.

Here’s one money mistake that I recently corrected: I finally got a handle on my high-interest credit cards.

It was pretty simple, actually. I combed through my credit card statements and noted their APRs and balances. In an Excel spreadsheet — I used to be allergic to Excel — I sorted my credit cards by name, balance and APR, along with my personal loans and their balances and APRs. I then marked in red the three credit cards with the highest APRs and committed to wiping out those balances.In part of the same spreadsheet, I listed money in savings and from stock holdings that I could allocate to my credit card debt. And I assigned those dollar amounts to the three credit card debts.

I’m pleased to report that all three credit cards are now paid off. As a result, I’ve already seen my credit score go up. And I’ve committed to avoid using those cards so that I can steer clear of running up high-interest credit card debt.

The lesson here: All it takes is a little sleuthing and math to come up with a plan for chopping down high-interest credit card debt.

Here’s to your financial health!

Your Money Doctor,

John Egan

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